Product Summary

Positioned in environmental-friendly and economical PV market, the product is applicable to PV pump system, replaces water storage with electric storage and needs no battery modules. The direct current generated by solar modules is input to the inverter and then converted into the alternating current to drive various pumps directly. Additionally, the output frequency is adjustable in real time according to sunlight intensity change.

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  • Power range: 0.4~315KW
  • Input voltage range: 220V / 380V / 415V / 440V / 480V / 525V +-15%
  • Achieve excellent sensor less vector control based on DSP platform
  • Static & rotation motor parameter auto tuning, ensure excellent vector control
  • Independent duct design
  • Built-in DC reactors above 18.5KW to improve power factor
  • Traverse control: Offer multiple triangular wave to meet specific demand of textile industry
  • Offer RS485 communication which support Modbus RTU and ASCII protocol
  • Quick/Jog Function: Offer shortcut to view and modify function parameter in common use
  • Support local and remote operation panel at the same time, make commissioning more convenient

Typical Applications

  • Elevator
  • Crane
  • Printing Machine
  • Dying Machine
  • Paper Machine
  • Wind & Unwind
  • High Accuracy Machine Tool
  • Cutting Machine
  • Steel Rolling
  • Wire Machine
  • Drawbench
  • Position Control
  • Zero Speed Servo Control

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